Kettenantrieb 24V FM/800/300N/W/RWA

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24 V chain drive FM 800-300N Powerful and low-noise drive with up to 300 N for SHEV and... mehr
Produktinformationen "Kettenantrieb 24V FM/800/300N/W/RWA"

24 V chain drive FM 800-300N

Powerful and low-noise drive with up to 300 N for SHEV and ventilation

The FM chain drive 800-300N has a double chain that joins and interlocks like a zip fastener. This results in a high degree of stability on all sides when the chain is extended, yet the chain is still flexible and in many cases allows the drive to be permanently mounted without the need for additional swivel brackets. The tight closure of the drive is mechanically adjustable. Due to its low-noise operation, it is also suitable for use in acoustically sensitive environments.

Special features:
Push/pull forces up to 700 N
Drive with double chain according to the zip principle
Low-noise drive
Mechanically adjustable sealing
Integrated overload protection
External parts corrosion-free
TÜV type-tested
Areas of application:
Smoke extraction and natural aeration and ventilation
Bottom-hung, top-hung, side-hung and roof windows, also those with small frame clearances
Material: Housing: aluminium

Housing: aluminium, end caps: Plastic, black or grey
Opening mechanism: Stainless steel chain, maintenance-free
Colour: powder-coated, white (RAL 9016) or silver-grey (RAL 9006) or on request in RAL colours
Technical data:

Electrical characteristics
Rated voltage: 24 V DC (-20 % /+25 %)
Rated current: 1.2 A
Cut-off: integrated limit switches OPEN + CLOSED, with additional overload protection
Protection class: III
Stroke length:, approx. 800 mm
Compressive force max. 300 N
Pulling force: max. 700 N
Closing force: 3000 N
Service life: > 10,000 cycles
Protection class: IP 20
Housing: aluminium profile
Dimensions: (L x H x D) :948 x 66 x 100.5 mm
Opening mechanism: Stainless steel chain, maintenance-free
Colour: White (RAL 9016)

Installation and environmental conditions
Ambient temperature: -10 °C to +60 °C

Approvals and certificates
Type-tested TüV

Spannung-Antriebe: 24 V DC
Anwendung der Antriebe: RWA & Lüftung
Zugkraft [N]: 700
Antriebs-Serie: FM
Druckkraft [N]: 300
Hub [mm]: 800
Zulassungen und Nachweise: TÜV-Baumuster-geprüft
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